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Bulle d'Art is an artistic community space.
This sculpture workshop is an exception in Bangkok.

It is also open to any other artistic practice.
Bulle d'Art is a place to live new experiences, to discover, breathe, exchange ... 

Our major ambitions are to share with others all that concerns ART.


Art is not optional.


Come and discover your skills in a fun way, learn and practice new medias....

Be full of sensations and emotions


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Bulle d'Art is relocated now in Bangkok, Thailande.

You can find us in SUKHUMVIT SOI 79,





"I started Sculpture in 2006 in Belgium and it was the beginning of something very important in my life.

I stayed there for 2 years taking classes at Annabelle Hyvrier’s studio. When I moved to Lisbon, Portugal in 2008 it was impossible to find sculpture classes so I discovered the art of ceramics. For 6 years, I learned different techniques and explored glazing. In parallel, I studied at the Fine Art University of Lisbon and started to mix sculpture and ceramic techniques on my own creations. I started to exhibit my pieces and start to organise exhibitions also for others.

In 2013, I moved back to Paris and worked at the Rose Selavy studio for one year.

Now based in Hong Kong, I work at the Visual Arts Centre as a member of the ceramics studio and as a teacher. I curated 2 exhibitions in 2017 and did 2 exhibitions as associated projects of the French May (2016 and 2017)

I like tall figures, textures, colors and special effects……all is about EMOTIONS."



Christine BLOM, founder of Bulle d'Art, sculptor, art consultant and curator.

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