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Enthralled by the beauty of nature and its wilderness Sailev developed a vision of the world that is both poetic and alarming. On the canvas the artist combines surrealism with a precise execution, trapping the viewer into a contemplative reflection on nature and ecology. Sailev deftly paints his animals and plants as true characters in the grip of torment, haste, ecstasy and dreams, icons of the climate crisis. By capturing the beauty and wealth of nature as it rages towards destruction, Sailev probes into the theme of cataclysm, adapting the genre to the modern world. His art is a tool for soft-activism that aims to inspire the world in a positive way.

Sailev was born in 1982 in Northern France. He currently lives and works near Honfleur, in the heart of Normandy. He has lived in several countries including Russia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. He owns a master’s degree in biology.

Solo Exhibitions 2022 – ‘Animalia’ at La P’tite Galerie, Honfleur, France 2022 – ‘Aerial’, at the Tourism Office of Berck-sur-mer as part of the 35th International Kite Festival of Berck-sur-mer, France

2021 – ‘Forces of Nature’, at Château Le Kinnor in Fervaque, France

2020 - ‘Explore Engaged Art with Sailev & Tito’ at PMQ, Hong Kong Group Exhibitions - selection

2022 – ‘Wildlife Artist of the Year’ by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, group exhibition of the finalists, UK

2022 – ‘15th Biennale of Animal Art’ in Rambouillet, France

2022 – ‘Artists For Conservation 2022 Festival’, VanDusen Botanical Gardnes in Vancouver, Canada

2022 – ‘14th Biennale of Animal Art’, Saint-Pierre-lès-Nemours, France

2022 – ‘An International Exhibit on Nature and Art’ at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson, Arizona, USA

2021 – ‘Salon National des Artistes Animaliers, 45th edition’ held at Bry-sur-Marne, France 2021 – ‘ENDANGERED – Art4Apes Fine Art & Photography exhibition’, online exhibition benefiting the Center For Great Apes in Florida

2021 – ‘Artists For Conservation

2021 Festival’, held at the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens in Vancouver, Canada

2021 – ‘London Art Biennale,

2021 finalists’ exhibition’, hosted at the Chelsea Old Town Hall, London, United Kingdom

2021 - ‘Art Comes Alive’ by/at ADC Fine Art, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA 2020 – ‘Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize,

2020 finalists exhibition’, Hong Kong Art Center, Hong Kong Awards & distinctions - selection

2021 – Award of the Environmental Statement of the 2021 AFC Festival, Vancouver, Canada

2021 - Finalist of the 2021 London Art Biennale, London, UK 2020 - Nominee of the ‘2020 Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize’ Collections

2021 – Permanent collection of the NATO Memorial Federation, Frethun, France Residencies

2021 March – Virtual Artist in Residence of ENDANGERED: Art4Apes , at Art4Apes and in support to the Center For Great Apes, Florida, USA


2022 – Illustrator of the 35th International Kite Festival of Berck-sur-mer, France Fellowships - Memberships Since 2022 

-Associated member of La P’tite Galerie, Honfleur, France Since 2022 

-Member of the collective of eco-artists ArAnima Since 2021

- Member of the Société Nationale des Artistes Animaliers, Bry-sur-Marne, France Since 2020

– Member of AFC Artists For Conservation, Canada based global collective of ecoartists,

 Since 2020 – Contributor of the collective ‘What’s Next For Earth’, founded by Michèle Guieu, California and of the Art Community of the MAHB (‘Millenium Alliance of Humanity and the Biosphere’) of Stanford University, California Since 2020 – Member of the ‘Eco-Art Project’, a nNew-York based eco-art database project Articles – Int



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