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David Rodríguez is a painter, draughtsman, and watch tinkerer living and working in Bangkok since 2022.


Very active since 2011, he has participated in several exhibitions in China and abroad.  Salon of Montrouge 2014, and Docks Art Fair in 2015 are worth citing in France before arriving in Asia. 2016 in Shanghai, he did Ru Xiang Sui Su (入乡随俗), an evolutive drawing installation at the Bazaar Compatible Program questioning the cultural approach to sexuality by using Chinese idioms as a departure point. SELF in 2018 proposed an alternative approach to the self-portrait and today’s comprehension of an individual’s identity. 2021 was particularly full of projects. Florilegia Painting: Marie’s Villa was the result of his research as an artist-in-residence at the former factory of Marie’s Painting Company. During a year he explored the classical subject of the Three Graces in a contemporary context, pursuing his explorations later on at No Name Studio residency in Zhujiajiao. Finally, he was invited as a Visitor Art Scholar at the ICCI Art Valley program at Jiatong University. For a period of six months, he pushed further his research on the human body representation by revisiting his own roots and cultural background full of dance and music. Again, an idiom set the foundation and gave the title to his last exhibition in China Nadie nos quita lo bailao! A way to say that whatever happens nobody can take from you your life experiences.


+66 (0)800074174

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