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Pring Bunnag is an artist and designer based in Bangkok. Her passion is to transmute the sublime energy of the earth and natural world into contemporary works of art while honouring traditional crafts, especially our Thai silk heritage. 

Sustainability, the "magic" of the handcrafted, and the fluidity between form and energy lie at the heart of her work. 


Pring's process combines eco-printing, botanical dyeing, and her own innovative techniques to create an explosion of abstract forms and colours on artisanal Thai silk. She is obsesses with the "magic" in the handmade and channelling the primal forces of the natural world into works of art. Her mission is to inspire the viewer to reconnect with their innate power and creativity through her art which she sees as "energetic portals" 

The SIN-DRESS is her reinvention of the traditional Siamese "sin" (sarong) into an effortlessly elegant, one-ofa 

kind wearable piece of art. 

Each dress is made from a single piece of uncut silk, sustainably handprinted and individually dyed, with 24k gold plated brass elements. 

Pring in full-length SIN-DRESS Inspired by heritage Collaboration with Pichet Klunchun

Mission Statement: 

After years in Paris where I had a boutique for my former brand, I found myself back in Thailand at the beginning of the pandemic. After giving birth here during the first lockdown, I found myself in deep reflection of my true values and desires. 

I rediscovered the beauty and wealth of local crafts and savoir-faire, especially Thailand's silk and textile traditions, and wanted to showcase it to the world. I decided to start Sucette because I wanted to build a brand that I can be proud of, as a gift to my son and family. 

I knew that “made in Thailand” can be synonymous with sustainably crafted luxury and that I had a mission to transmit my heritage and our local savoir-faire to the world. 

Pring Bunnag is an award winning fashion designer and curator based in Bangkok and Paris. 

After studying History of Art and modern dance at University of California at Berkeley, she worked for many years as an art and features writer at Bangkok Post and other publications and at Spa Advertising, before moving to Paris to start her first brand Pring Paris, where she won "Shoe designer of the year" award from the City of Paris and designed for many international brands including Swarovski and Maje and also worked as artistic director for many international brands in Paris including Vitamin Water and Singha Beer. 

Pring has also curated many art exhibitions including Mon Art Du Style at MAIIAM in Chiangmai which showcased fashion and art, and her husband's exhibitions in Bangkok and Paris



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