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Artist: Jirawat Tansuriyawong (PE)

Birthday: 23 February 1975
Educational Background: College of Fine Arts
Nationality: Thai

Some distinguished past exhibitions and work experiences
• 1998: Group exhibition at Tadu Gallery Bangkok, Thailand
• 1998-2004: Commission works for Tita Gallery in Chianngmai, Thailand, owned by Khun Eakarit
Praditsuwan aka designer of Earth and Fire
• 2000: Group exhibition at Konmuang Art Gallery in Chiangrai, Thailand
• 2002 and 2012: Solo exhibition at Power of Flower hosted in Tita Gallery Chiangmai, Thailand
• 2004 – 2012: Commission works for E.G.G founded by Khun Siwika Karnasuta
• Showcase at Siam Discovery’s 4th floor, Bangkok, Thailand
• Showcase at Central Chidlom’s 5th floor, Bangkok, Thailand
• Showcase at All Season Place’s 2nd floor, Bangkok, Thailand
• 2008 and 2019: Solo exhibition at Bar Bali Bistro Food & Art Culture Club, Bangkok, Thailand
• 2010: Group exhibition at Bar Bali Bistro Food & Art Culture Club, Bangkok, Thailand
• 2011: Interview featured in Life and Home Magazine

• 2014 – 2016: Artist selected to work for Disneyland in Shanghai, China
• 2017: SEA Write Award-Winning poet and national artist Naowarat Pongpaiboon writing a poem
inspired by torch ginger when meeting with the artist and getting impressed with a painting
2021 - present: Artist selected and Torch Ginger Gallery opened as a part of Artists in Residence (AIR)
program by River City Bangkok, Thailand

About Torch Ginger Gallery
Located in Room 311 as a part of AIR (Artists in Residence) program by River City Bangkok, Torch Ginger
Gallery is by Pe Dahla creating torch ginger ('Dahla'), a kind of tropical plants, for over 20 years with intriguing and experimental concept.
AIR (Artists in Residence) program by River City Bangkok has selected Thai and foreign artists and 
provided them a room to work and sell artworks.

It embodies the concept Create, Share, Teach, Learn, therefore my gallery has welcomed art lovers and everyone in regardless of age, race, gender to enjoy art with me. I have shared my work techniques and invited them to create works together. There is no rule. Nothing is right or wrong. It’s Art!
I would like to share my experiences that I have gathered for 20 years earning a living as an artist. My techniques as a signature have been evolved through time and experiences. It is better for them to discover my works in person.

I hope they like and enjoy it somehow.


+66 (0)800074174

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