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Juliette Lepage Boisdron


I was born in Paris, but when I was a child, my father’s work meant we moved a lot

and lived in many different places.

When I was eight we moved to Manchuria where we lived for five years.

It was the late 70’s and China was vastly different than today.

In Russia and China we lived in tiny apartments that were stark and conditions were

harsh. Despite the extreme cold weather, I almost always chose to spend my free

time outside, wandering around. I was often feeling bored, and I believe this was the

time my imaginative universe developed so deeply.


My connection to art at this time was rare, except when we were allowed to visit the temples or some factories. Each year we’d visit our family in Paris, and on our way back home, before taking the gruelling 12 hour train ride back to Liao Yang, we’d spend a few days in Beijing where we visited the Forbidden City, the Temple ofHeaven, the Great Wall and more. I was fascinated. I also remember being

mesmerized, looking at some traditional Chinese paintings, featuring horses orvaporous landscapes, done in Chinese ink on rice paper..

At about age 13, my parents divorced and we moved to France. For many reasons, going back to live in France was a kind of a shock for me. I felt completely out of place. In response, I shaved my head and hung out with the punk crowd. I wanted to show I was not agreeing with what was happening to me at this time.

I had to re-adjust.

At 18, I left home and studied Art History at the Sorbonne. After my studies, life called me East again, and I moved to Singapore where I worked for several art galleries. It was then that I was exposed to and began collecting art from Southeast Asia.

Life continued to pull me to different parts of the globe; New York, then Pondicherry

where I worked as an artists’ agent. Then back to Paris where I worked for the

Fondation Cartier ‘s website and on to Lisbon in Portugal. While there I studied contemporary jewellery making. It was a time of great validation for me. Suddenly I realized that what I used to make as a child for my family out of shells, rocks and nature was actually a kind of art.

Now I live in Basel, an amazing city in Switzerland where I can find what is important

for me: Culture and Nature. Through all my travels, experiences all over the world,

one constant remains. My art. I have in one way or another, always created art.

I have a language which is more archaic than the spoken words. It is painting. I communicate with emotions, not with words. I wouldn't be able to verbally express what I say in most of my paintings.

My experience colours my work; I’m especially drawn to women and their roles in

society, and am enthralled by how humans interact with each other and with nature.

In my work, you will see weird people, that is to say people who don’t follow

traditional beauty standards. My figures may have two heads, or spots all over. They

aren’t symmetrical. This reflects life and how we are all broken inside.

There have been times in my life when I have tried not to paint. I told myself it was

useless, that I have children to care for, things more important to do. I told myself art

was a luxury and that it was not a priority. I told myself my art was rubbish.

But Icouldn’t stop.

So now, finally, I happily surrender to my art. After caring for my children, living all

over the world, starting over again and again, it is time. I am devoting myself to what

I have always wanted to do. Somewhere deep inside, even in those times of doubt,

of trying to push art away, a part of me always knew I couldn’t stop. It is my world.

Now I create and share with people who want to live in this world with me. My name

is Juliette Lepage Boisdron. I am a painter and a jewellery designer.


Solo Exhibitions :

● 2022 June : Gallery – Basel – Switzerland

● 2017 Aug : Art et Vin, Châteaux Lafoux Tourves, France

● 2002 Oct : Galerie Plomb’Art, Saint Nom la Bretèche, France


Exhibitions - Group Show :

● 2022 Dec: Xmas Market, Gallery Eleven Ten - Basel - Switzerland

● 2022 Nov : Arte Binningen Art Fair, Binningen, Switzerland

● 2022 Oct : "No words needed" at Gallery Eleven Ten - Basel -Switzerland

● 2022 Sept : Gang 13, curated by Institut Fur – Basel – Switzerland

● 2022 April : Galerie Katapult curated by Frontofbicycle – Basel –Switzerland

● 2022 April : LORA Cafe. Bahnhof SBB Basel

● 2021 Dec : Le Bon Marché, Paris, France

● 2021 Dec : Galerie am Lindenhof, Hiltscher Consulting – Zurich –Switzerland

● 2021 Sept : KUNSTp.ART Gallery – Basel – Switzerland

● 2021 Sept : Galerie Katapult curated by Frontofbicycle – Basel – Switzerland

● 2021 May : KUNSTp.ART Gallery – Basel – Switzerland

● 2018 Dec : W Hotel – Singapore


+66 (0)800074174

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