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Chatchawan Greblumjeak aka Underhatdaddy is a Thai artist who tells story and perperspectives of live through the identity of a chubby neckless girl inspired by his wife, who was seriously ill.

The artist himself tells the story from a positive fundamental perspective to find answers from different perspectives in life.

I think that humans often talk about humans, so my artwork always communicate the possibility of human beings with suffering, happiness and hope. 

I believe that happiness and sadness are commonplace that come and pass through. We should have perspective and understandings of those things.

Life won't be easy, but the truth is that we have to live with it, with things we can't control so maybe the question is : How do we live with it? What is our choice? What attitude we choose?

As long as we live , we have the right to be happy as much as we can.

That is my answer in my work.


Painting concept:

Chubby Yolk no.1 and no.2 are reminder that no matter how our lives  turn to be  as expected or not, being alive and living many experiences and uncontrolled things is the best thing. No matter how the situation is now.


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