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Thireq Pecko is a designer who weaves narratives through a fusion of imagery and descriptive prose.

His predominant works often portrays a blend of open spaces and geometrical shapes, often accompanied by a solitary figure donning a shade of blue, journeying alongside.

Within each artwork lies a story of solitude, contemplation, distance, relationships, and the quest to unearth the internal nuances of emotions. Lately, the artist has found a deep fascination for the realm of graphic novels, adding a special touch to his current artistic endeavors.



I want to tell the story of our journey into the inner world. I believe that at some point in life there will be a door within us has been opened.

Let us experience, remember and realize. Like the yellow light in the painting that represents truth, warmth, hope, and dreams, which appears on the red world within the painting with a blue person representing us who are all seekers.

And on this red world lies loneliness but it gives a peaceful at the same time. I hope everyone can review their own feelings through our journey on this red world together.

Painting Description The Seeker The sadness that exists, we accept. The fear that flows, we stare. The belief that shaken, we contemplate.

Adhere to the faith, we are aware. The hope that appears in front, we embrace.

Aiming for endless possibilities. Until we found the truth in someday.





+66 (0)800074174

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