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Nutdao is a designer . He co founded Practical school of design .

He is very well known in Japan and Korea.

His paintings help him to put on canva the emotions and the situations that happen to him on the side of his design work.

Nutdao has an universe very specific and open to others and to new experiences.

IG : nutdao


My works here :

‘In Tranquility’

This series reflects 'space' that I give time to engage with things before letting them pass by. They are composed of details observed in everyday life, things often seen during breaks, short periods that are scattered between the flow of life. These are moments when I truly feel the presence of myself.


‘Constantly Change’

This artwork is a part of the exhibition 'Growing in Between'. It represents ongoing changes using water reflections as a metaphor. Each frame captures a moment of transformation and how things evolve differently over time. The design of the artwork is able to be recompositions.


+66 (0)800074174

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